Twin Fin Spiced Rum Bottle, sky blue coloured
Twin Fin Spiced Golden Rum Bottle sand dunes
Twin Fin Spiced Golden Rum Bottle on the beach

Twin Fin Spiced Golden Rum

700ml Bottle

38.0% ABV

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Twin Fin Craft Rum starts it's journey in the Caribbean, before sailing the Atlantic to reach the coast of Cornwall, namely at the Southwestern Distillery, where they experimented for 2 years to perfect their recipe.

Yes you did read that right, 2 years to perfect this and it's brought to us by the same team that created the fantastic Tarquin's Gin!

This is a Rich and Smooth Rum with flavours of Exotic Spices coming through at the forefront before being followed up by Citrus bursts and a Light and Smoky finish.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Golden
 Taste: Smooth and rich, caramelised banana with vanilla, cinnamon and notes of nutmeg
 Nose: A light touch of charred fruit, orange, banana and light spices
 Finish: Smoky-sweet with an enduring hint of fruit

Serving Suggestion

Twin Fin is both rich and smooth with bold vanilla notes combined with exotic citrus and a light smoky finish. Perfect in a spiced mojito for a refreshing summer cocktail or with fiery ginger beer with lots of ice and a squeeze of lime.