Tanqueray No. 10 Gin 700ml Bottle
Tanqueray Number 10 with fruit and serve

Tanqueray No. Ten Gin

700ml Bottle

47.3% ABV

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Tanqueray No. Ten Gin is distilled four times with Tanqueray’s standard gin botanicals of refreshing juniper, peppery coriander, aromatic angelica and sweet liquorice. Fresh citrus fruits – limes, oranges and pink grapefruit – are then added with camomile flowers in Tiny Ten, the still from which the liquid gets its name.

Serving Suggestion

Best enjoyed with premium tonic water, plenty of ice and a wedge of pink grapefruit, or with dry vermouth and a twist of pink grapefruit in a perfect martini. Why not try Lixir Classic Indian Tonic Water?