Twin Fin Coconut & Lychee Pink corked Bottle
Twin Fin Coconut & Lychee Bottle on Beach
Twin Fin Coconut & Lychee Bottle held in front of the ocean

Twin Fin Coconut & Lychee

700ml Bottle

38.0% ABV

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From the Southwest Distillery team (the same ones who brought us Tarquin's Gins) have only gone and put a spin on their original Spiced Rum through adding in Coconut & Lychee.

Beginning it's journey in the Caribbean before it is blended on the Cornish Coast, this Rum has plenty of Sweet and Juicy Lychee notes running throughout with undertones of Coconut with a Creamy, Fresh finish.

Tasting Notes

APPEARANCE: Bright and clear like tropical seas
 NOSE: Fresh lychee and vibrant coconut
 TASTE: Coconut sorbet, wild strawberry, and melon
 FINISH: Crisp and tart lychee

Serving Suggestion

Twin Fin Coconut and Lychee Rum is bold and bright with beautiful notes of fresh lychee and vibrant coconut. It has a lovely aromatic crisp finish of wild strawberry and melon. Perfect in a Pina Colada for a lively cocktail or with fresh lemonade and lots of ice.