The Summer Spritz Box

The Summer Spritz Box

Perfect for Pimms lovers and BBQ's

Pimms 25% Freixenet Prosecco 11% ABV

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Boss BBQ season this Summer with our Summer Spritz box, featuring everything you need for the perfect Pimms!
This box contains:
- 1 x Pimms
- 1 x Freixenet Prosecco
- 6 x R White's Traditional Cloudy Lemonade
- 1 x Pimms Jug
- Some Pimms Bunting

Serving Suggestion

Take the Pimms jug (or long drink glass) and fill it with ice. 

Mix one part PIMM'S No.1 with three parts chilled lemonade.

Then add some mint, cucumber, orange and strawberries - and enjoy.