Made For Drink Tapas Fries Bag
Made For Drink Tapas Fries Bag with bowls and beers
Made For Drink Tapas Fries Bag close up with snacks

Made for Drink Tapas Fries

125 Gram Pack

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Tapas in a bag.

A delicious mix of thin cut patatas fritas (straw fries), slices of crisp authentic Spanish chorizo and seasoned with paprika, olives and sun ripened tomatoes.

Simple, timeless & intensely delicious.

Crunchy, salty, fragrant and rich in fat and umami, our traditional Hungarian Salami chips are a beer’s best friend. Eastern Europe made Pilsner-style lager and it made Kolbasz/Salami. Both are delicious and both have been enjoyed together forever in that part of the world. We also love them with a glass of crisp, white wine - the fat, salt and touch of acidity from the beech smoke make a glass of Chenin Blanc, or white all the more enjoyable. For a non alcoholic alternative Lucky Saint hits the spot pretty damned well.
Made for Aperitivo. The Spanish (and Italians come to that) love Aperitivo. Those few hours before dinner, mingling with friends and enjoying a drink to both whet the appetite and hurry the soul. Vermouth, Gin & Tonic or even a cool glass of beer with a little Tapas just sets that night off with friends beautifully. We also love it with a bright Amber Ale like Sharps Doom Bar and for a non alcoholic alternative why not try an L.A. Brewery Kambucha it's pretty sophisticated and perfect for that moment ahead of dinner for those of us not drinking.