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Made for Drink Salami Chips

30 Gram Pack

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We think they are pretty amazing but don't just take our word for it, we've got some pretty special fans out there:

"Proper banging munchies!" - Stephen Terry

Our salami chips are inspired by the food and drink of Eastern Europe - the home of all Pilsner style lagers made today.

Kolbasz (or what we would describe here the UK as a smoky, flavoursome salami) is traditional to Hungary and is eaten in every home and loved as a side dish or snack with a glass of beer.

The Kolbasz (traditional salami) used to make our salami chips comes from a family-owned business that has been producing 'Kolbasz' in Hungary for over 150 years - and is still making them to its original recipes today.

Traditional Kolbasz is made from pork, Hungarian paprika, salt, garlic & ground caraway seeds, cured and then smoked over Beech Wood. It's easily identifiable due to its attractive, rich smoky colour and it's unique and delectable texture.

Traditionally Kolbasz is made form Mangalitza Pork, which in the past our Salami Chips were also made from. The breed is now unfortunately at crisis point and largely unavailable for export. Instead we use another traditional pork breed; a Duroc Cross.

Sliced and roasted our Salami Chips are an intense, smoky, sweet, salty, beautiful thing with amazing texture and a touch of acidity.


Our Chorizo Thins are perfect with a glass of red – Rioja is our recommendation (but any young Spanish red is wonderful) and, in particular, a simple Joven Rioja is spot on – young, fresh and easy going. The salt picks up the fruit flavours in the wine and the fats calm down any tannins. Everything else is a joyful combination. We also love them with a Manzanilla Sherry, an amber ale or a Bloody Mary. For an alcohol free alternative; a brimming bowl of Seedlip and Premium Tonic is pretty damned delicious.
Crunchy, salty, fragrant and rich in fat and umami, our traditional Hungarian Salami chips are a beer’s best friend. Eastern Europe made Pilsner-style lager and it made Kolbasz/Salami. Both are delicious and both have been enjoyed together forever in that part of the world. We also love them with a glass of crisp, white wine - the fat, salt and touch of acidity from the beech smoke make a glass of Chenin Blanc, or white all the more enjoyable. For a non alcoholic alternative Lucky Saint hits the spot pretty damned well.