Chicken Salt Fries bag
Chicken Salt Fries with a pint
Chicken Salt Fries and a pint

Made for Drink Chicken Salt Fries

150 Gram Pack

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An Australian Food Icon.
Thin cut potato fries seasoned with Chicken Salt.
Simple & intensely delicious, they are the ultimate umami packed treat loved across Australia.
To ensure it’s the real deal we use Mitani Chicken Salt, a family owned business who’ve been making this classic seasoning since the 1970’s.
Made for friends & beers.

Serving Suggestion
Made for a cold beer. Chicken Salt Fries are loved across Australia and when the suns been beating down all day nothing beats a cold beer and a quick bite to eat. Packed full of umami, a cold lager is just delcious with them. Nothing more complicated than that. We also love it with a big Aussie Chardonnay.
Nutritional Information
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