Craft Can Collection

Craft Beer Collection

12 x 330ml Can

Various ABV

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Even though you may not have tried them yourself, they have the recognition as accomplished beers with the No.1 selling Craft beer in Ireland Rebel Red or Blue Moon the largest craft brand in the U.S.  

On top of this we have Chieftain IPA is a great stepping stone into the land of big and bitter, designed for casual enjoyment and great introduction to the world of IPA’s. The collection also comes with Sharp's Offshore, a super clear pilsner that is a uniquely refreshing taste… we hope you enjoy!

Bundle contains:

  • 3 x Franciscan Well Rebel Red 330ml Can
  • 3 x Sharp's Offshore Pilsner 330ml Can
  • 3 x Franciscan Well Chieftain IPA 330ml Can
  • 3 x Blue Moon Belgian White Wheat Beer 330ml Can