Blue Moon Mango POTM

Blue Moon Mango Wheat x 12 - 20% OFF - Pick of the Month

12 x 330ml Bottle

5.4% ABV

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Reason: After trying Blue Moon Mango for the first time, it's always been my go-to drink during the summertime. During, BBQ’s, family holidays, or even just a nice meal out.

Blue Moon Mango tastes like a hot summers day, with its fresh aroma of ale enhanced with a hint of mango during every sip. The flavours are melt in your mouth good! Especially with a nice meal to wash it down with, a cold ale with a twang of citrusy goodness. It's always a happy memory to remember when drinking this ale.

Blue Moon Mango also goes perfectly in a nice curry, it’s the perfect combination of sweet and savoury goodness to enjoy in your home cooked meals!