Blue Moon Limited Edition Glassware
Blue Moon Limited Edition Glassware

Blue Moon Glassware

Limited Edition and Standard versions

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Serve your Blue Moon perfectly at home with a Blue Moon branded glass.

These bespoke Blue Moon glasses have been Artfully Crafted by local artists


Birmingham: Tahgasa Bertram
‘Birmingham is brought to life through an electric piece of artwork that highlights some of the city's most important features, from the noteworthy Balti Triangle right the way to the Jewellery Quarter.’


Brighton: Mister Phil
‘Fun, lively, and full of characters, this illustration mirrors the upbeat and energetic heart of Brighton. The more you look, the more you discover!’


Cardiff: Peter Fowler
‘I’ve represented the city I grew up in and made me what I am, by referencing some of the things that make it my hometown for me . Skateboarding, music, the parks, the castle, indoor market and not forgetting the mythical best the dragon, that permeates all of Wales.’


London: Jim Stoten

‘The famous music, the famous taxis, the famous zebra crossing. London is an icon filled with icons.’


Manchester: Harrison Edwards

‘Manchester is a city buzzing with creativity, from art and music to football and food. It isn’t all chips and gravy we’ve got buckets of love. We work hard at having a good time, late nights and cobbled streets. Yeah, it rains but that’s how flowers grow. We’re always pushing forward, we don’t look back in anger. One city, one family, everyone's r kid.’


These are limited edition glasses and not currently available anywhere else so get your hands on them before they sell out!


The 20oz glass comes with the box.