4 x Bavaria Alcohol Free 330ml Bottles

Bavaria Alcohol Free

4 x 330ml Bottle

0.0% ABV

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Bavaria 0.0% Original has a distinct beer character: with a slightly hop-like and malt aroma, a full body, and a grainy and sweet flavour from the sugars in the barley Malt that beautifully balance the bitter tones of the beer. Bavaria uses a patented technique that guarantees no alcohol is ever formed during the brewing process, making Bavaria 0.0% Original a true alcohol-free beer.

Serving Suggestion
Fish, especially Trout and Salmon. Pork, Chicken and game. Hard Cheese, Strong Cheese
Nutritional Info

Contains: Barley, Wheat

Per 100ml: Energy: 100kJ / 24kcal, Fat: 0g, of which saturated: 0g, Carbohydrate : 5,8g, of which sugars: 3,1g, Protein: 0,25g, Salt: 0g