8 x Staropramen Granat plus Tankard

Staropramen Granat plus Tankard

8 x 500ml Bottles plus tankard

4.8% ABV

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Originally brewed by Staropramen´s famous brewmaster Michal Trnka to celebrate a special occasion, Granat beer became famous for its clear hop aroma and dark malt that gave the beer its specific ruby colour which makes it rare and special.

Its appearance, together with an ideally bitter, full-bodied taste, makes Granat a perfect choice for any celebration.

To complete the perfect serve, there is a Staropramen Tankard included in this order.

Serving Suggestion

Staropramen - Enjoy this perfectly balanced Czech pilsner alongside any big flavoured & meaty meal! Our full-bodied beer goes amazingly well with a seared steak, a gourmet burger or winter stew 

Pravha - Bold flavour balanced with a light, refreshing taste makes this beer the perfect after work drink. So start you evening with a chilled Pravha alongside some  moreish salty snacks (like a Czech pretzel!)

Nutritional Info

Staropramen brewed in the UK