6 x Rekorderlig Cocktails - POTM March

Pick of the Month Rekorderlig Cocktails

6 x 250ml Cans

5.50% ABV

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Revl member: Carolin - gets drinks to your door

POTM Deal: 15% off 6 x Rekorderlig Cocktails

Why Carolin picked Rekorderlig Cocktails: "Anything for an easy life … that’s me. I buy cheese already grated and potatoes already peeled. So when Rekorderlig bought out the range of ready mixed cocktails I was very eager to buy & try! One of my favourite cocktails (and I do have a few) is a Bramble. Rekorderlig have made it so easy, just open the can of Wild Berries with Rum, add some fresh berries and ice and you have a delicious cocktail bursting with flavor & ready to drink. Drink from a copper mug to give a cold touch to your lips as you drink the cocktail; ideal for the long summer nights sitting in the garden. You don’t have to go to a bar to enjoy a good cocktail & REVL will deliver direct to your doorstep."