4 x Three Fold Hard Seltzer Tropical 330ml Can

Three Fold Hard Seltzer Tropical

4 x 330ml Can

4.0% ABV

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What's Three Fold?

1. Refreshment (sparkling water) 2. Flavour (natural fruit) 3. Clear & Crisp (4% 93 cals)

The tropical flavour is a fruity mix of Mango, Pineapple & Watermelon. This one is holiday vibes. The smell makes you wanna lick your lips and the taste just hits different. Sometimes you get Mango, sometimes you get Pineapple. But the Watermelon lovers always say that comes through too. It’s a lush surprise every time.

Serving Suggestion

No better way to enjoy Threefold than cold on ice! It doesn't need any extra jazz!