The Swedish Sling

Perfect for those who love sweet flavoured gin!


1 bottle of Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime

 25ml Tanqueray Gin

1 Fresh Lime

Sprig of Mint


1 Strawberry and a sprig of Mint


1. Fill your glass up with 1/3 ice and add 25ml of Tanqueray gin.

2. Cut the lime into 8 pieces and muddle the lime in the glass.

3. Top up the glass with Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime.

4. Garnish with a sprig of mint for additional flavour and a Strawberry… Simple, Swedish Sling!

The Midnight Kiss

Pretend it’s summer with this sharing recipe and simply enjoy!


1 bottle of Rekorderlig Wild Berries

100ml Ketel One Vodka

 75ml Lemon Juice

3 Dashes of Rose Water

5 Raspberries


Raspberries on a Skewer and a Sugar Rim


1. Batch all ingredients except the Raspberries in a bottle and let it sit overnight in the fridge. Each batch serves 3-4 cocktails depending on the size of the glasses.

2. To make two cocktails, pour half of the mix into a cocktail shaker. Add berries and shake hard with ice.

3. Double strain into chilled and rimmed cocktail glass and garnish.