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Staropramen is always a go-to lager for me for a variety of reasons. The Czech hops help bring a fantastic aroma and full flavour and even at 5% I find it extremely sessionable. The beer paired with the tankards is a perfect match and what better time than the Christmas period to share this fantastic beer with loved ones.
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Reason: For as long as I can remember Rum has been the first choice in our family for Birthdays, BBQs and big celebrations. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum has always been the go-to with its pleasing aroma of rum and vanilla that rises from the glass. The taste of oak spices and a citrusy zest have me hooked with every sip. Shaun - sends emails to your inbox
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Tanqueray No. Ten is my favourite gin, however the Blackcurrant Royale was a fantastic new discovery for me this year, with it adding a delicious Blackcurrant and Vanilla flavour to the mix. Delicious with Tonic, you can be extra decadent and serve it with Prosecco!

Aileen - makes products pretty
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"Since I discovered Pravha 2 years ago, it has been my go-to, 4%, easy-drinking beer of choice. It is a beautiful, refreshing crisp flavour that just goes down so well on any occasion. You wouldn’t find my fridge without one or two at the ready."

Henry - He answers your questions
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With its refreshing and light taste, Archway is the ideal beer for these hot summer months. The hoppy and malty flavours are perfect when the sun is shining!
Make sure to serve chilled, in you new Franciscan Well glass!"

Liz - Digital Marketing Queen
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Who doesn’t love a cocktail! I am definitely a fan and when they’re ready to drink, only 110 calories and no added sugar I love them even more. These will be a staple for me at outside events with friends – finally – as the sun starts to shine. Five flavours so you’re spoilt for choice, my favourite is the Margarita which will be yours?

Laura, runs the show
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"There's nothing I love more than sitting in the garden with my dogs, drinking a Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla"

Sarah - Social Guru
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"Chieftain IPA is a fantastic IPA from Franciscan Well Brewery, based in Cork. There is an initial burst of tropical fruit that ends with a balanced hoppy finish."

Aaron - The Data Guy
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"As someone who loves a glass of wine or a G&T, I never thought my head would be turned by a beer! Blue Moon, especially the mango varient, has become my go to" - Hannah
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"Anything for an easy life, that's me! I buy cheese already grated & potatoes already peeled. So when Rekorderlig bought out ready mixed cocktails I was keen to buy & try"

Carolin, gets the drinks to your door!
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“I discovered Offshore a few years ago and found it had a distinctive hoppiness, but it still gives me the refreshment of a lager”

Sean, beer lover!
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"I love experimenting with my gin by mixing it with different flavoured tonics and garnishes. Seedlip is my latest discovery..."

Steph, gin lover!
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